Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks @ The Neptune

While on hiatus from blogging, I finally took the plunge into the world of D-SLR video with the purchase of a Canon T3i.  I thought I'd share the first video I captured using the camera.  

I've been looking forward to seeing the Jicks for weeks, and the show seemed like a good chance to test out the camera's video capabilities.  Like most of the Rebel cameras, the T3i is extremely lightweight and fairly compact.  It offers a flip-out screen for easy viewing, which is ideal for capturing concert footage.  The handheld video I captured is admittedly a bit shaky, but so is the performance of the song.  

Most indie fans know Stephen Malkmus as the former leader of Pavement, but his current band, the Jicks, have now officially released more albums (six!) than Pavement.  The show at the Neptune was the final stop of the tour. 

The beginning of the set was plagued with technical issues.  The bass kept making distorted farting noises, forcing the band to stop half way through the second song.  While the road crew swapped out bass amps with opener Speedy Ortiz, Malkmus kicked into a stripped-down, piano-and-vocal-only version of "Freeze the Saints" from the 2005 release "Face the Truth."